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Megaconference V Pics

To celebrate grand spirit and results that Megaconference achieved here is slightly different peek into the sessions as seen by a keen observer of streams coming from Internet2 Commons and a big fan of Megaconference. Enjoy!

  • Hats, hats: If you ever attended or watched Megaconference you cannot miss great collection of hats and props that Dr. Bob uses to introduce participants in the Roll Call and provide everyone special greeting. I may not have captured all of them, nevertheless the collection is very interesting, and I am sure you will enjoy in it and love it: hats
  • Megaconference Digital Art Gallery: Depending on your connection, system used, time of the day or some other factor, the images coming to your computer can be nice and clear, but they can also look like a work of digital art... and quite a few of them looked to me this way yesterday (cable connection to Internet, Dec 10, 2003). Lets celebrate all artefacts that were created, in the first Gallery of Megaconference-random-digital-art: Gallery
  • Megaconference Clip: 3 min clip-summary of the form and atmosphere on the day: clip (18 MB, QuickTime file)
  • The Team: At the end, one has to take the hats off for such fantastic team that made sure we all do get the chance to participate in such event year after year. People who made themselves visible in Megaconference V (and I know there were many, many others that were not visible to us observers) are here: team pics
    • CONGRATULATIONS once again and see you all next year!