Partnership for Emerging Learning Environments -

  OUR APPROACH            







Our Approach

There are several characteristics of our approach that reflect our experience and our views of the role that emerging technologies have in learning:

  • Put the learner in the center - learning is voluntary action and whenever possible learner should be the owner of learning goals and/or learning process.
  • Technology is just a tool, not the goal.
  • Decision is not whether to use technology or not but rather when, in what situations and how to use it so it does provide most effective learning.
  • Technology alone does not lead to advanced teaching and learning practice.
  • Educated users are best allies of educators and technologists. Users should have clear understanding of situations when technology helps in achieving particular learning goal but also the situations when it can get in a way of learning goal.
  • Make consideration of ethical issues in education, science and technology an integral part of any project we do; this is a long term contribution in educating aware, well informed, and above all responsible users.